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Aural Skills II (MU216 Fall-19)

Required Text

Ear Training: A Technique for Listening 7th ed revised Bruce Benward, McGrawHill ISBN 978-0-07-340136-2 Sight Singing Complete, 8th Ed Carr and Benward, McGrawHill ISBN 978-0-07-342665-2

Sight Singing Complete

Maureen Carr

McGraw-Hill Higher Education 2014-03-17

ISBN-10: 1259236595

ISBN-13: 9781259236594

"Hearing music with one's eyes" has served as the theme of Sight Singing Complete since the first edition.

Ear Training: A Technique in Listening Edition: 7th revused



ISBN-13: 9780073327181

Required Tools

Yellow Highlighter / Pencil / Eraser / Medium sized Paper clips

There are currently no resources in this group.

Backpacking/Camping (CP435 Fall-19)

Required Text

Hiking and Backpacking

Wilderness Education Association

Human Kinetics 2007-09

ISBN-10: 0736068015

ISBN-13: 9780736068017

Retail Price: $14.92

Through this book you will learn how to prepare yourself physically for the rigors of hiking and camping; select and prepare the right equipment, gear, clothing, and footwear; manage risks and work to maintain safety while on the trail; and ...

Baptistic Heritage (AD 100 - 1650) (HT501 Fall-19)

Required Texts

The Story of Christianity: Volume 1

Justo L. Gonzalez

Zondervan 2010-08-10

ISBN-10: 006185588X

ISBN-13: 9780061855887

Retail Price: $23.00

The Story of Christianity, volume 1, relates the dramatic events, the colorful characters, and the revolutionary ideas that shaped the first fifteen centuries of the church's life and thought.

The Baptist Heritage

H. Leon McBeth

B&H Academic 2016-12-15

ISBN-10: 1462747701

ISBN-13: 9781462747702

Retail Price: $25.00

H. Leon McBeth's The Baptist Heritage offers a fresh interpretation of Baptist history.

The Anabaptist Story

William R. Estep

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing 1996

ISBN-10: 0802808867

ISBN-13: 9780802808868

Retail Price: $14.16

This third edition of The Anabaptist Story has been substantially revised and enlarged to take into account the numerous Anabaptist sources that have come to light in the last half-century as well as the significant number of monographs and ...

A Short History of the Baptists

Henry Clay Vedder


you should be able to find this source cheaply priced on kindle or some other electronic format.

Baptist Successionism

James Edward McGoldrick

Scarecrow Press 1994-01

ISBN-10: 0810836815

ISBN-13: 9780810836815 important is difficult to see how the historical argument could be any better presented than has been done by James McGoldrick.

try to borrow this book - it is very expensive to buy and hard to find. You can borrow the book for free at this website:

The Trail of Blood

J. M. Carroll

ISBN-10: 136546606X

ISBN-13: 9781365466069

This is Dr. Carroll's classic work. The introduction was written by Dr. Edward DeVries when he was pastoring Oakland Baptist Church. Oakland was Dr. J. M. Carroll's very first pastorate.

This resource may be found on the web for free, it is not a textbook per se, but a comparison text to be used with McGoldrick in the Philosophy of church history paper. Download for free at

Basic English (LA099 Fall-19)

Required Text

Real Skills Essentials

Miriam Moore, Susan Anker

Macmillan Higher Education 2018-05-03

ISBN-10: 1319153437

ISBN-13: 9781319153434

Retail Price: $43.99

A portable print text, Real Skills Essentials works together with Writing Essentials Online to deliver just the support necessary in order to develop sentences and paragraphs.

The LaunchPad exercises found in Writing Essentials Online are required for this course. It is best to purchase Real Skills Essentials as a package with Writing Essentials Online through Macmillan Learning.

Bible and Doctrine Overview (BI101 Fall-19)

Required textbook

A Survey of Bible Doctrine

Charles C. Ryrie

Moody Publishers 1989-06-08

ISBN-10: 1575675420

ISBN-13: 9781575675428

Retail Price: $9.99

A Survey of Bible Doctrine is an easy-to-read, Bible-based overview of the various doctrines of Scripture targeted to the layman who wants to understand what they Bible teaches.

Supplemental texts

These books are not required reading for the course, but are beneficial for further study, and may be used for term projects if appropriate for the chosen topic.

Bible Doctrine

Wayne A. Grudem

Zondervan 2014-10-28

ISBN-10: 0310515874

ISBN-13: 9780310515876

Retail Price: $30.99

Abridged from Wayne Grudem’s award-winning Systematic Theology, Bible Doctrine covers the same essentials of the faith, giving you a firm grasp on seven key topics: The Doctrine of the Word of God The Doctrine of God The Doctrine of Man ...

Great Doctrines of the Bible

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Crossway 2003-03-12

ISBN-10: 1433516047

ISBN-13: 9781433516047

Cover design: Cindy Kiple First printing, one volume, 2003 Printed in the United States of America ISBN 1-58134-497-X GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON VOLUME I GREAT DOCTRINES OTHER CROSSWAY BOOKS. LB 13 12 11 10 09 08 ...

Not by Bread Alone

Steven Waterhouse


ISBN-10: 0970241828

ISBN-13: 9780970241825

"A complete outlined guide to all the doctrines of the Bible in a systematic and exhaustive format that gives special attention to complex and controversial doctrinal issues ... all supported with immediate [an estimated 10,000+] Scriptural ...

Ryrie's Practical Guide to Communicating Bible Doctrine

Charles C. Ryrie

B&H Publishing Group 2005

ISBN-10: 0805440631

ISBN-13: 9780805440638

Copyright © 2005 by Charles Ryrie All rights reserved Printed in the United States of America Ten-Digit ISBN: 0–8054–4063–1 Thirteen-Digit ISBN: - - - - a razon o Published by Broadman & Holman Publishers Nashville, Tennessee Dewey ...

A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity

Rolland McCune


ISBN-10: 0982252706

ISBN-13: 9780982252703

This is the systematic theology set for which many of us -- especially those of us who had the privilege of studying under Dr. Rolland McCune -- have been waiting.

Reformed Systematic Theology

Joel Beeke, Paul M. Smalley

Crossway 2019-03-14

ISBN-10: 1433559862

ISBN-13: 9781433559860

Retail Price: $48.00

In this volume, Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley explore the first two of eight central themes of theology: revelation and God.

Systematic Theology

Wayne A. Grudem

Zondervan 2009-05-18

ISBN-10: 0310566029

ISBN-13: 9780310566021

Retail Price: $37.99

Wayne Grudem's bestselling Systematic Theology has several distinctive features: A strong emphasis on the scriptural basis for each doctrine Clear writing, with technical terms kept to a minimum A contemporary approach, treating subjects of ...

Systematic Theology

Norman L. Geisler

Bethany House Publishers 2011-10-01

ISBN-10: 0764206036

ISBN-13: 9780764206030

A Comprehensive Work Now in One Volume This work of a lifetime was widely praised when it was first published in four volumes.

He Who Gives Life

Graham A. Cole

Crossway 2007

ISBN-10: 1581347928

ISBN-13: 9781581347920

This comprehensive theology of the Holy Spirit examines and explains the role of the third member of the Trinity.

The Holy Spirit

John F. Walvoord

Zondervan 2010-12-21

ISBN-10: 0310877172

ISBN-13: 9780310877172

Retail Price: $9.99

Over the years, this book has aroused considerable interest and gone through 23 printings in hardcover before prompting this new paperback edition.

Father, Son and Spirit

Andreas J. Köstenberger, Scott R. Swain

InterVarsity Press 2008-05-15

ISBN-10: 0830826254

ISBN-13: 9780830826254

In this New Studies in Biblical Theology volume, Andreas J. Köstenberger and Scott R. Swain provide a thorough biblical survey and theological treatment of the three persons of the Godhead in John's Gospel.

Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity

Stephen R. Holmes, Paul D. Molnar, Thomas H. McCall, Paul Fiddes

Zondervan 2014-09-02

ISBN-10: 0310498139

ISBN-13: 9780310498131

Retail Price: $2.99

ISBN 9780310498124 1. Trinity. I. Holmes, Stephen R. II. Molnar, Paul D., 1946III. McCall, Thomas H. IV. Fiddes, Paul S. V. Sexton, Jason S., editor. BT113.T89 2014 231'.044—dc23 2014016532 All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise ...


Alex Konya


ISBN-10: 0872271439

ISBN-13: 9780872271432

Examine New Testament data on the subject of demon possession. A clear, practical study of Ephesians 6:10-17 helps you live victoriously.

Still Sovereign

Thomas R. Schreiner, Bruce A. Ware

Baker Academic 2000-03-01

ISBN-10: 0801022320

ISBN-13: 9780801022326

" The fourteen chapters of Still Sovereign (originally part of the two-volume, The Grace of God, the Bondage of the Will) are divided into three parts.

Beyond Calvinism and Arminianism

C. Gordon Olson

Clovercroft Publishing 2018-08

ISBN-10: 0962485071

ISBN-13: 9780962485077

This book presents a unique view of salvation, one which falls in the middle of Calvinism and Arminianism.

Against Calvinism

Roger E. Olson

Zondervan Academic 2011-10-25

ISBN-10: 0310575958

ISBN-13: 9780310575955

Retail Price: $5.49

... E. Against Calvinism / Roger E. Olson. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 9780310324676 (softcover) 1. Calvinism. I. Title. BX9424.3.O47 2011 230'.42—dc22 2011007932 All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, ...

For Calvinism

Michael Scott Horton


ISBN-10: 0310324653

ISBN-13: 9780310324652

Taking us beyond the caricatures, Michael Horton invites us to explore the teaching of Calvinism, also commonly known as Reformed theology, by showing us how it is biblical and God-centered, leading us to live our lives for the glory of God ...

Things to Come

J. Dwight Pentecost

Zondervan 2010-05-11

ISBN-10: 0310873959

ISBN-13: 9780310873952

Retail Price: $9.99

Things to Come Copyright

Making All Things New

Benjamin L. Gladd, Matthew S. Harmon

Baker Academic 2016-03-15

ISBN-10: 0801049601

ISBN-13: 9780801049606

In this book, two scholars with expertise in biblical eschatology argue that God's kingdom breaking into this world through Jesus Christ has inaugurated a new creation, a reality that should shape pastoral leadership and be reflected in the ...

Hope Against Hope

Richard Bauckham, Trevor A. Hart, Trevor Hart

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing 1999-10-21

ISBN-10: 0802843913

ISBN-13: 9780802843913

In Hope against Hope Richard Bauckham and Trevor Hart present a way forward -- through a radical faith in a global future that is in God's hands.

The Meaning of the Millennium

George Eldon Ladd, Robert G. Clouse

InterVarsity Press 1977-04-01

ISBN-10: 0877847940

ISBN-13: 9780877847946

But since that time there have also been many disagreements. How will Christ return? When will he return? What sort of kingdom will he establish? What is the meaning of the millennium? These questions persist today.

Three Views on the Rapture

Alan Hultberg, Craig A. Blaising, Douglas J. Moo

Zondervan 2010

ISBN-10: 0310277205

ISBN-13: 9780310277200

Rev. ed. of: Three views on the Rapture / Gleason L. Archer, Jr. et al. c1996.

Bible Doctrine Survey (BI152 Fall-19)

Bible Doctrine Survey

Major Bible Themes

Lewis Sperry Chafer, John F. Walvoord

Zondervan 2010-12-21

ISBN-10: 0310873126

ISBN-13: 9780310873129

Retail Price: $4.99

In an age characterized by skepticism and ignorance of the Holy Scriptures, this timely volume clearly sets forth the biblical truths and teachings that long have been cherished by Christians.

Bible Intro. & Dispensationalism (TH407 Fall-19)

Texts for Required Reading

Dispensationalism: Essential Beliefs and Common Myths Edition: 2nd

Michael Joseph Vlach

Theological Studies Press 2017

ISBN-10: 0979853923

ISBN-13: 9780979853920

Retail Price: $9.95

This brief book is an attempt to identify the foundational issues of dispensationalism and to expose common myths concerning dispensational theology.

The student will read all of this book.

A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity: Vol. 1

Rolland McCune

Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary 2009

ISBN-10: 0982252706

ISBN-13: 9780982252703

Retail Price: $16.99

Only chapter 3 in this book is assigned reading in this course.

Clinton E. Arnold

Zondervan 2008

ISBN-10: 0310253063

ISBN-13: 9780310253068

Retail Price: $13.48

Draws on archaeological research, biblical studies, and history to discuss the origins of the Bible; its various translations; and its relevance today.

This simple book is full of illustrations and will be a quick read and interesting reference book. The student will be required to read all of it, but may wish to obtain it from library reserve.

Introducing Covenant Theology

Michael Horton

Baker Books 2009-04-01

ISBN-10: 080107195X

ISBN-13: 9780801071959

Retail Price: $12.84

Unwinds the intricacies of covenant theology, making the complex surprisingly simple and accessible to every reader.

The student will be required to read all of this book.

Christ's Prophetic Plans

Richard Mayhue, John F. MacArthur

Moody Publishers 2012-02-21

ISBN-10: 0802478115

ISBN-13: 9780802478115

Retail Price: $16.52

Even if you have been taught which view you are supposed to believe, do you really know why? You don’t have to settle for a muddled approach to eschatology. You can know for sure what Scripture says about prophetic issues!

The student will be required to read all but chapters 1-2 of this book. Those first two chapters are written by M. Vlach and are basically contained in the other required book by Vlach.

Understanding Bible Translation

William Barrick

Kregel Academic & Professional 2019-05-28

ISBN-10: 0825420253

ISBN-13: 9780825420252

Retail Price: $16.47

In Understanding Bible Translation, William Barrick surveys the fascinating work of Bible translation worldwide.

The student will read this entire book.