Accompanying I (AM325 Fall-19)

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Adolescent Growth & Development (PS307 Fall-19)

Required Textbooks

(Two of these textbooks are used in the Dev. Psych. class) -- You can download an E-book if you choose

A Child's World: Infancy through Adolescence Edition: 12 or 13

Diane Papalia, Ruth Feldman

McGraw-Hill Higher Education 2013-08-01

ISBN-10: 0077498275

ISBN-13: 9780077498276

The new edition includes a new feature, Did You Know...?, introducing each chapter by highlighting interesting and enlightening findings mentioned in the chapter.

ed. 12 or 13 is fine

Understanding People

Cheryl Fawcett


ISBN-10: 0910566992

ISBN-13: 9780910566995

Boomers, Xers, and Other Strangers

Rick Hicks, Kathy Hicks

Focus on the Family Pub 1999

ISBN-10: 1561796778

ISBN-13: 9781561796779

The authors maintain that children's core values are greatly shaped by what is going on in their culture when they are ten years old--and they show parents how to achieve reconciliation and improve communication between generations.

Who Moved the Goal Post?

Bob Gresh, Dannah Gresh

Moody Pub 2001

ISBN-10: 0802483313

ISBN-13: 9780802483317

Taking on the topic of sexual temptation and how it relates to Christian life, Gresh presents a game plan for success for both men and women.

MEN Only need this Textbook

And the Bride Wore White

Dannah K. Gresh

Moody Publishers 2004-01-01

ISBN-10: 0802479855

ISBN-13: 9780802479853

In this celebration edition, you'll find triumphant stories from readers whose lives were touched by Dannah's message.

Women ONLY need this textbook.

Adolscent Growth & Development (PS307IS Fall-19)

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Aerobics (PE201 Fall-19)

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Aerobics (PE202 Fall-19)

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Apologetics I - Origins (TH105 Fall-19)

Required Texts

Already Compromised

Ken Ham, Greg Hall

New Leaf Publishing Group 2011

ISBN-10: 0890516073

ISBN-13: 9780890516072

For information write: Master Books®, P.O. Box 726, Green Forest, AR 72638 Master Books® is a division of the New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc. ISBN: 978-0- 89051-607-2 Library of Congress Number: 2011926096 Cover design: Joseph ...

The New Answers Book 3

Ken Ham

New Leaf Publishing Group 2010-03-01

ISBN-10: 0890515794

ISBN-13: 9780890515792

The third volume in this best-selling series compiled by Ken Ham, leading a powerful group of contributors to answer some of the most compelling questions of science and the Bible.

The New Answers Book Volume 4

Ken Ham

New Leaf Publishing Group 2013-10-01

ISBN-10: 1614583765

ISBN-13: 9781614583769

Retail Price: $7.99

The Answers series has been a powerful tool in equipping believers to share and defend their faith. Now the newest book in this landmark series takes on hot button topics like climate change, ancient man, and many more.

More Than a Carpenter

Josh D. McDowell, Sean McDowell

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. 2011-07-14

ISBN-10: 1414324200

ISBN-13: 9781414324203

Retail Price: $3.96

Josh McDowell's timeless examination of the true nature of Christ and his impact on our lives is one of the best-selling Christian books ever.

Supplemental texts

These books are not required reading for the course, but are beneficial for further study, and may be used for term projects if appropriate for the chosen topic.

In Six Days

New Leaf Publishing Group 2001-01-01

ISBN-10: 1614580537

ISBN-13: 9781614580539

Retail Price: $9.99

In this book are the testimonies of fifty men and women holding doctorates in a wide range of scientific fields who have been convicted by the evidence to believe in a literal six-day creation.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science

Tom Bethell

Simon and Schuster 2005-11-25

ISBN-10: 1596986301

ISBN-13: 9781596986305

Retail Price: $14.99

In the end, this book is unlikely to sway readers who aren't already in Bethell's ideological camp, as any points worthy of discussion get lost in the glut of unsourced claims that populate this latest installment of "The Politically ...

The New Answers Book

Ken Ham

New Leaf Publishing Group 2007

ISBN-10: 0890515093

ISBN-13: 9780890515099

Christians live in a culture with more questions than ever - questions that affect one's acceptance of the Bible as authoritative and trustworthy.

The New Answers Book Volume 2

New Leaf Publishing Group 2008-05-01

ISBN-10: 1614580944

ISBN-13: 9781614580942

Retail Price: $6.29

Explore these and other topics, answered biblically and logically in this book from the world’s largest apologetics ministry, Answers in Genesis.

Starlight, Time and the New Physics

John W. Hartnett, Creation Ministries International


ISBN-10: 0949906689

ISBN-13: 9780949906687

In this exciting new book, physics professor John Hartnett, inspired by the pioneering work of creationist Russell Humphreys, and building on the work of secular cosmologist Moshe Carmeli, shows how the answer to the starlight travel-time ...

Starlight and Time

D. Russell Humphreys

New Leaf Publishing Group 1996-10-01

ISBN-10: 0890512027

ISBN-13: 9780890512029

Until now, creation scientists have not had a satisfactory answer to this puzzle, but the new cosmology outlined in this book offers a fresh and scientifically sound solution.

The Ultimate Proof of Creation

Dr. Jason Lisle

New Leaf Publishing Group 2009-06-01

ISBN-10: 1614580987

ISBN-13: 9781614580980

Retail Price: $6.29

Learn how to apply the ultimate proof in dialogues with evolutionists, how to spot logical fallacies, and biblical examples of defending the faith Discover the nature of scientific evidence and its proper role in the origins debate Details ...

Creation Facts of Life

Gary Parker

New Leaf Publishing Group 2006-08

ISBN-10: 0890514925

ISBN-13: 9780890514924

Gary E. Parker, “The Origin of Life on Earth” Creation Science Research Quarterly (September 1970); Gary E. Parker and Thomas R. Mertens, Life's Basis: Biomolecules (New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1977), available in Spanish as ...

Evolution Vs. Creationism

Eugenie C. Scott

Univ of California Press 2009-08-03

ISBN-10: 0520261879

ISBN-13: 9780520261877

Presents the scientific evidence for evolution and reasons why it should be taught in schools, provides various religious points of view, and offers insight to the evolution-creationism controversy.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design

Jonathan Wells

Simon and Schuster 2006-08-21

ISBN-10: 159698614X

ISBN-13: 9781596986145

Retail Price: $14.99

Darwin is an emperor who has no clothes— but it takes a brave man to say so. Jonathan Wells, a microbiologist with two Ph.D.s (from Berkeley and Yale), is that brave man.

The Genius of Ancient Man

Don Landis, Jackson Hole Bible College

New Leaf Publishing Group 2012-10-01

ISBN-10: 0890516774

ISBN-13: 9780890516775

Startling evidence that science cannot explain, so it was ignored!

One Race One Blood

Ken Ham, A. Charles Ware

New Leaf Publishing Group 2010-11-01

ISBN-10: 0890516014

ISBN-13: 9780890516010

For information write: Master Books®, P.O. Box 726, Green Forest, AR 72638 Master Books®isa division of the New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc. ISBN13: 9780890516010 Library of Congress CatalogNumber: 2010937357 Cover by Justin ...


New Leaf Publishing Group 2011-03

ISBN-10: 0890515581

ISBN-13: 9780890515587

Explores the biblical and cultural history of dragons and argues that these fantastic beings are connected to the last living dinosaurs.

Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome

John C. Sanford

Ivan Press 2005

ISBN-10: 1599190028

ISBN-13: 9781599190020

This book strongly refutes the Darwinian concept that man is just the result of a random and pointless natural process.

Without Form and Void

Arthur C Custance

Classic Reprint Press 2008-08-01

ISBN-10: 193425133X

ISBN-13: 9781934251331

This book has been described as the best argument that has ever been written for the Gap Theory.

Apologetics I -- Origins (TH105IS Fall-19)

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